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Based on RSA / AES asymmetric encryption technology

Smooth, unobstructed

configure multi-node server, BGP cross-line cloud server, remote operation fluent.

Dedicated Technical Support

Provide a dedicated customer consultant to support and assist the use of - households. As a strong user backing!

complete combination of hard and soft

Combining the boot bar, control and other intelligent hardware, the real
is now remote boot and remote operation integration.

  • IP Remote

    No registration needed

  • OneRemote (Web)

    No need to download


    Multi-screen remote


    Cloud Record

  • OneRemote

    Remote Assistance

IP Remote

1, without registration, real-time use.

2, cross-platform connection - Windows, Android, iOS can be remote.

3, simply IP login, telecommunications, mobile, Unicom, Taiwan, multi-line options.

Reasons to Choose AARDP

Save time and money

Provide support and assistance and interact with others; exchange information with each other; access and use of technology.
Save You Travel Time and Fees.

Focus on your own work, do not take time to prepare

Solve problems remotely or bring together clients and colleagues without complicated steps or lengthy lead time. AARDP takes just seconds to get it working on any device.

Remote Access, Simple and Secure

AARDP ensures you do your work smoothly and without any worries. Personal data, private conversations and private meetings are still safe.

Learn How AARDP Remote, Remote
Access, Simple and Secure

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